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Supper Sessions on the Avenue, September 2016

Supper Sessions on the Avenue, September 2016



Mt. Airy CDC’s focus on Business Services has been a key platform of the organization, particularly through the renaissance of Germantown Avenue.

Through physical improvements, marketing and promotion, business development, and recruitment activities, Mt. Airy CDC has helped create vibrancy on the Germantown Avenue corridor, and works to extend that vibrancy throughout the neighborhood, including other commercial corridors like Chew Avenue and Vernon Road. Specifically, we offer three distinct services, each tailored to different needs, to strive toward achieving that goal.


Go Mt. Airy Business Association

With the formation of the Go Mt. Airy Business Association in 2012, Mt. Airy CDC has been able to extend its business development and marketing activities throughout the neighborhood. The Business Association focuses equally on sustaining local businesses and inviting new businesses to the area. In addition, the Business Association helps businesses to attract customers, improve branding and storefronts, and strengthen business management. Mt. Airy CDC has also created festivals and events like Moonlight Movies, Supper Sessions on the Avenue, and previously Street Fare and Final-ly Friday, all of which provide key marketing opportunities for businesses while shining a spotlight on the neighborhood. Learn more about the Business Association HERE.

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The PhillyiHub provides aspiring entrepreneurs and established small business owners with the tools and expertise they need to develop their businesses. The program welcomes both immigrant newcomers and longtime residents who have the ambition to start or grow a commercial enterprise. Participating in the PhillyiHub allows business owners to receive a variety of services, including:

  • Affordable workspace
  • Workshops on business-related topics
  • One-on-one business growth plan development
  • Access to financial capital (from traditional and non-traditional lenders)
  • Opportunity to learn from fellow business owners
To learn more about the PhillyiHub, click HERE.


Work Mt. Airy

Work Mt. Airy is an exciting coworking community in a modern, well-designed office space. It incorporates the benefits of workspace, meeting space, and lounge space, in the lower level of the former 19119 post office building. Packages range from part-time space at a community desk to a full-time dedicated personal desk. A conference room, hard-wired and wifi internet, and fresh coffee are among the amenities. To learn more, visit


• Mt. Airy Business Improvement District

 The Mt. Airy Business Improvement District (BID) is a core partner of both Mt. Airy CDC and the Go Mt. Business Association. The BID plays a key role in the safety and security of the neighborhood’s commercial corridors, and they work hard to clean, beautify, and improve Germantown Avenue. Learn more about the BID at its web site HERE.

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