Residential Projects

Residential Projects

Below are the residential restoration projects that Mt. Airy CDC has completed to date. These projects were made possible through government grants and Mt. Airy CDC’s own equity from sales and leasing of other homes.

Chew15733 Chew Avenue





Narragan-00411316 Narragansett Street





Haynes2732 East Haines Street





Colonial271918 Colonial Street





Knoxext5827 Knox Street





1950 Plymouth Street1950 Plymouth Street





1833 Ashley Street





7261 Walnut Lane





21 thumbnail7813 Bayard Street





6656 Woodstock Avenue – under construction
8565 Mitchener Avenue – completed through HRP funding
10 East Hortter Street – completed, for sale
6418 Belfield Avenue
251-75 East Montana Street